Wednesday, April 13, 2016

PhRMA Intern Retrospective: The Reminder Ad

Principle #13 of  the final version of PhRMA’s Guiding Principles on Direct to Consumer Advertising about Prescription Medicines, which applies to both TV and print DTC ads, states:

"DTC television advertising that identifies a product by name should clearly state the health conditions for which the medicine is approved and the major risks associated with the medicine being advertised."

Reminder ads are usually 30-second TV commercials or print ads that mention a drug's name without stating the health conditions for which the drug is approved and without listing the major risks associated with the drug. These ads are perfectly legal from a regulatory point of view. Signatories of PhRMA’s DTC Guiding Principles, however, are prohibited from using this type of ad.  

Back in 2006, when PhRMA Intern was active, she noticed an ad that she thought violated Principle #13. Here's the story...

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