Friday, October 24, 2014

Patient Engagement: Who's the Engager & Who's the Engagee? #Pharma or Patient?

"There is a subtle form of power-politics implied in just about every deployment of 'patient engagement' you're likely to encounter that can serve to deprive the patient of authority rather than promote the autonomy of the patient," says Andrew Spong (here: ‘Patient engagement': a pernicious, presumptive powerplay?).

Here's more of Andrew's opinions:

"More often than not, pharmaceutical companies’ ‘patient engagement’ is still done to, not done with patients. It’s small wonder that they fail so often as a consequence.

"It remains easy for pharmaceutical companies to enthusiastically support ‘patient engagement’ initiatives as long as they are not required to relinquish their position of dominance as engager. The pharmaceutical industry’s role is not to be the engager, but rather to be the engaged. Activities that genuinely serve the patient should never derive from a strategic plan, but rather emerge as a response to an identifiable, clearly stated unmet patient need.

"This orientation is often lost within the industry in the frenzied, headlong charge from concept to deliverable, but is a habit that could be broken simply by taking more time and committing more resources to adequately researching and landscaping unmet patient needs in the disease areas each pharmaceutical company works in."

OK. Now for my response.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Boehringer Ingelheim Social Media Team Receives 5th Annual PharmaGuy Social Media Pioneer Award!

Yesterday, at Digital Pharma East Mobile Day, I officially announced the recipients of the 5th Annual PharmaGuy Social Media Pioneer Award, which recognizes a pharmaceutical executive or team who has “pioneered” in the use of social media for marketing, research, or corporate communications purposes.

This year's award goes to the Boehringer Ingelheim Global Social Media Team: Patricia Alves (Social Media Community Manager), Jaclyn Fonteyne (Social Media Specialist), and Judith von Gordon (Head of Media + PR). View the slide presentation to find out why I chose Boehringer.

The BI Team sent me an entertaining, G-Rated, "Acceptance Movie" complete with outtakes!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Formula for Creating Patient-Centric Mobile Health Apps

On Mobile Day at the Digital Pharma East conference (October 21, 2014), I presented a "formula" for creating "patient-centric" mobile health (mHealth) apps. My presentation focused on what I learned from comments made by REAL patients in a recent poll I hosted in conjunction with Truvio and WEGO Health (see "Patient Activists Demand Higher Quality Mobile Health Apps"). Here's my updated presentation:

The "formula" (see below) was inspired by a recent #mHealthPharma Tweet Chat that I moderated on October 9, 2014, at the request of the Mobile Health Competence Centre in Barcelona (find a StoryLine summary here).

So what is the "formula?"

Friday, October 10, 2014

#mHealtMobile Chat Takeaway: Pharma Must Involve Patients Early on When Developing Mobile Health Apps

Yesterday's hour-long #mHealthPharma TweetChat on how pharma can develop high quality mobile health apps was a great success. The following Storyline summary was prepared by Teresa Bau (@tbau_uoc), a freelance journalist from Barcelona & Mobile Health Global Editor. You can read my key takeaways below.

There were several "key takeaways" from this conversation that involved 45 participants from around the world. Keep reading to get my summary of the conversation.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

"Play by the Rules": Analysis of Ground Rules for 4HER Patient Connect App by Genentech

Genentech's 4HER iPhone App for women with HER2 breast cancer includes pages and pages and page of policies and terms and conditions that users are required to read (or at least agree to) before using the advanced features of the app. Yesterday, I reviewed the Privacy Policy (about 6 screens worth of text; see here). Today, I review the "Ground Rules" for the Patient Connect feature of the app.

Patient Connect allows users of the app to send email to other 4HER registered users located within a certain radius (e.g., 10 miles). You can select users you'd like to connect with based on a number of criteria that users enter when registering. Here's a view of those criteria:

As I mentioned yesterday, this app gives Genentech potential access to very, very sensitive personal health information coupled with location services, which raises a number of privacy and data security issues. I decided, therefore, not to reveal my dates of diagnoses nor my age group when I registered as "pharmagal." Unfortunately, Genentech doesn't know that I do not have HER2 breast cancer.

OK, so what are the "Ground Rules" for using the Patient Connect feature?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

An Analysis of Genentech's 4HER Mobile Health App Privacy Policy

Genentech's 4HER iPhone App for women with HER2 breast cancer is interesting and perhaps unique in a Mobile Health App developed by a pharma company. The app allows users to send email to other registered users of the app and even notifies them of other users close by.

Here's the iTunes profile of the app:
As I mention in the above profile, there are privacy issues. So, I downloaded the app to read and analyze the privacy policy. My analysis reveals many interesting insights into how the personal information collected from this app will be used by Genentech.

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