Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Number of Kids (and Adults) Without Health Insurance Continues to Tumble

As reported by STAT Morning Rounds:
"The number of people without health insurance in the US has continued to tumble: In the first nine months of 2015, just 9.1 percent of people didn’t have coverage. That means there are 16 million fewer uninsured people than in 2013, according to new data from the CDC. One group that’s seeing a big boost: children. The share of kids without insurance has dropped to just 4.5 percent, from 14 percent in 1997."
Source: CDC, where you can also find the data about adults.
Aside from these children (and adults), who has benefited from Obamacare?

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Digital-Savvy Women in Pharma Twitter Chat

I will be moderating the Digital-Savvy Women in Pharma Twitter chat (#dswpharma) in association with the Drug Information Association (@DrugInfoAssn) on February 17 at 1:00pm EST. This chat was inspired by the powerpoint presentation I posted on Slideshare a few weeks ago (see it here).

I hope you will join the conversation.

Here's the preliminary list of questions/topics to be discussed:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

FDA's 2016 Guidance Agenda - Just Like the 2014 & 2015 Agendas - Promises Publication of Guidance Regarding Use of Links to 3rd-Party Internet Sites

FDA/CDER has published its 2016 Guidance Agenda (here). Here's what's under the Advertising Category:
  • Health Care Economic Information in Promotional Labeling and Advertising for Prescription Drugs Under Section 114 of the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act
  • Internet/Social Media Advertising and Promotional Labeling of Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices – Use of Links to Third-Party Sites
  • Manufacturer Communications Regarding Unapproved, Unlicensed, or Uncleared Uses of Approved, Licensed, or Cleared Human Drugs, Biologics, Animal Drugs and Medical Devices
  • Presenting Risk Information in Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices Promotion; Revised Draft
I highlighted one item on the list having to do with "Internet/Social Media Advertising" -- Use of Links to Third-Party Sites. This was also on FDA's 2014 AND 2015 Guidance Calendars, but as we know no web link guidance was issued in 2014 OR 2015.

Perhaps none will be issued in 2016 either. Why not?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Direct-to-Consumer TV Advertising a Losing Proposition?

2014 was a banner year for TV direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising in that it saw the highest percentage spent on TV since at least 2001 (see chart and read "Pharma Ups Its Investment in TV DTC Advertising").

A few weeks ago I said "Forgettaboutit! The numbers are not yet in for 2015, but if it's anything like 2014 -- and judging by personal experience -- the drug industry will be spending even MORE money on TV DTC ads."

The Top 10 TV DTC Rx advertisers spent $876.3 million in 2015 (see insert below). The question is: Is it worth it?

My answer: No! How do I know? Click on "Read More" after the insert below for my analysis of TV DTC ROI (return on investment).

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