Saturday, March 03, 2012

J&J Lowers Its Reputation Expectations

I recently received this simple tweet from @JNJComm (Johnson and Johnson's official corporate Twitter account):

#JNJ is pleased to rank 12th among @FortuneMagazine’s most admired companies! >

Hmmm... JNJ might be pleased that #12 is better than #17, which is where the company stood in last year's most "admired" list of companies.

However, when you look at JNJ's standing within the pharmaceutical industry, you see a different, ie, downward, trend as shown in the chart on the left (click on it for a larger view). A similar trend is seen in the Harris QR data.

So, I don't think JNJ should lower its expectations and be "pleased" with how it is performing against its competitors who are certain to leverage this loss of reputation to their advantage.

1 comment:

  1. I agree. Nothing to be proud of here; just goes to show they are headed in the wrong direction!
    -Jackie @ Inventory Management Software


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