Friday, December 14, 2007

Mevacor - STRIKE THREE! Yer Outta Here!

Strike three, ball four, OTC Mevacor'll tie the score
Yer blind, FDA,
Yer blind, FDA,
Ya mus' be out-a yer mind, FDA!

Strike three
Ball four
OTC Mevacor'll tie the score
Fly ball
Double play
Lipitor wins again today

Those damn Advisors
Why can't we beat 'em?
Pravachol's safe, Lipitor's put, Crestor's safe, Crestor's put, Mevacor's safe, Mevacor's out

Yer blind, FDA,
Yer blind, FDA, you must be out of yer mind, FDA

[sung to the tune "Six Months Out of Every Year"; Damn Yankees]

Read to back story here.

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  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    What the FDA has essentially done is prevent a lot more people from taking control of their own health. While statins do require a blood workup it can easily be acomplished and the patient could work with the pharmacist to ensure that he or she is getting the necessary blood tests or even provide the service at a charge. So now we have to make an appointment at the doctor, wait a week or two, go to the doctor which can take an hour or two and then go to the pharmacy to have an Rx filled. Time is the new currency and people just don't have this luxury anmore so the FDA is saying "we don't trust patients to do the right thing and therefore want to protect them from themselves.



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