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Monday, September 30, 2013

You Might Be A Pharma Social Media Pioneer If...

You Might Be A Pharma Social Media Pioneer If...
  • IF... Your boss decides that you are a "pioneer" and puts you in charge of ALL the company's social media campaigns -- of which there are ZERO! 

  • IF... Pharmaguy says you are a pioneer, then criticizes your effort on Pharma Marketing Blog. 
No, no. Let’s get serious! Here's why I think the following 5 pharma people MIGHT be Pharma Social Media Pioneers. You Might Be A Pharma Social Media Pioneer If...
    • You spearheaded the development of a pharma corporate blog like Amy O'Connor (@Modernmeds), Director, Digital Government Affairs, did with LillyPad. "LillyPad was a pioneer platform in bringing a personal voice to public policy for the pharmaceutical industry," says one person who nominated Amy for the Fourth Annual Pharma Pioneer Award. "Her efforts led to the expansion of the LillyPad brand into Canada (lillypad.lilly.ca), Mexico (lillypad.mx), and the European Union (lillypad.eu). Likewise, the Campaign for Modern Medicines (modernmedicines.com) remains a first-of-its-kind campaign to highlight and empower the voices of advocacy groups." See "More Pharma Twitter Chats: Medicare is Topic."

      See the winner(s) of the 2013 Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award here.
    • You were the inspiration behind a Social Media Meet-up in association with a patient advocacy group as was like Rob Muller, (@RotoTok), Community Manager, Roche Diabetes Care. "With this year's Social Media Meet-up in association with DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) Live, I think we've really built upon the pioneering work we did with the previous summits and took an exciting and even more inclusive step," said Rob. "And with the incorporation of Google Hangouts to open the doors even wider, I'm very excited about the direction this is headed in interacting with our customers and all people with diabetes." Listen to this interview of Rob on DSMA Live to learn more about his pharma social media activities.

      See the winner(s) of the 2013 Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award here.
    • You helped to shape how to leverage online influencers, how to create compliant AND compelling branded channels in Pinterest and SlideShare, how to engage communities in Tumblr (see "Janssen Engages HIV Community on Tumblr: Build It and They Will Come?"), and how to get the most out of twitter as a promotional channel as did Lisa Flaiz (@pharmaFlaiz), Group Product Director, Digital Marketing. "In my role at Janssen in the Digital Center of Excellence," says Lisa, "I help to lead the overall digital strategy across the organization. My particular area of focus is customer engagement, with responsibility for guiding the organization in creating excellent customer experiences that drive market advantage in the digital channels."

      See the winner(s) of the 2013 Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award here.
    • You are the leader of an initiative that brings social media and other innovative technology startups into your organization to present their ideas and contend for grants like Jesus del Valle (@yeysus), Bayer, is doing as project leader Grants4Apps program (see "Bayer Pharma Meets Pharmaguy Meets Healthcare App Startups" and "Pharma's Digital Media Adoption Curve"). "Jesus blew a totally new and fresh air throughout the organization,' said his colleague Stefan Flueckiger, who nominated him. "All executives of divisions and above wanted to know more about that initiative. It created an enormous discussion on customer centricity, partnering and service orientation (away from product focus). Further, the buzz of the initiative went out to many start-ups and universities. All highly positive."

      See the winner(s) of the 2013 Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award here.
    • You are the head of your company's "Digital Solutions Team" and lead an effort to to increase the knowledge base about digital in the company like Davide Bottalico (@Bottavide), Marketing Manager Digital Area, Roche Italy, did with the Roche Digital Academy (see "Graduation Day at Roche Digital Academy: What's Next?" and "Pharma's Digital Media Adoption Curve"). "The Italian Digital Solutions Team Mission is to enhance Digital Culture across commercial organization to drive a transformation process and to increase the adoption of innovative ways of communication," says Davide. "We want to contaminate the commercial marketing environment with a wealth wave of non-promotional digital initiatives to build a strong two-way relationship with our stakeholders. We increased in 2013 the percentage of our Digital Investments by 200% raising them until 15% of total investment. We opened the first Pharma affiliate Youtube channel in Italy and we've created the first Pharma Digital University Master in Europe, acknowledged by Mckinsey Agency as a Outstanding Best Practice, involving all Italian Roche's marketeers. We don't believe that's one a small step but a giant leap for a pharmaceutical company."

      See the winner(s) of the 2013 Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award here.

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