Thursday, February 16, 2012

Funny or Die Spoof: "Paula's Victoza Injected Sneaky Snacks!"

"All of my desserts are injected with Victoza to lower my blood sugar and keep me immortal," says "Paula Deen" in the spoof YouTube "Paula Deen's Diabetes Ad" posted by Funny or Die (see video here).

Next: Saturday Night Live!

1 comment:

  1. I used to smoke cigars, but the evidence that they were a threat to my health was too substantial to ignore, so I quit.
    I used to take Victoza to control my type 2 diabetes, and I tried to ignore that black box warning. But you can't ignore reality in the long run, and I just didn't want to be an addict to a $180 a month drug habit. So I became a vegan, and now I'm evolving to a whole food low fat plant-based diet. My diabetes is superbly controlled without any pharma crap, drug free. Instead of taking a drug that increases my cancer risk, I have a diet that reduces it. I feel great, more energy and capacity to be creative - I control my life not some drug company and the disease lifestyle that sustains its business model.


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