Friday, May 15, 2009

This Survey May Have Influenced Pfizer's Decision to Offer Free Drugs to Unemployed/Uninsured

Advertising Age asks "Will Pfizer's Free Drug Program Give PR Lift to Big Pharma?"

As shown in the chart on the left (click to enlarge), almost 69% of all respondents to the Pharma Marketing News "How to Earn Back the Public's Trust" survey agreed that drug companies should "greatly expand their patient assistance programs to cover more people (eg, the unemployed)."

Even more interesting, 73% of PHARMA respondents agreed!

Thus, I truly believe that Pfizer employees were instrumental in convincing Pfizer to initiate its MAINTAIN program.

Now, Pfizer should address the other two recommendations from this survey's respondents: (1) be much more transparent in reporting clinical trial results, and (2) do more to promote comparative studies to prove the efficacy of prescription drugs.


  1. Serious interesting that Pfizer is interested in helping the others, since the medicines for this type of diseases are very expensive, ojala that they manage to realize this since it(he,she) will be very important for the programs that offer this social support.

  2. How do they start charging those who were used to getting their medicine for free? That question seems self evident.
    They have missed this question.

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