Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pfizer Employees Step Up to Help Fellow US Citizens! GSK, a British Company, Turns Away!

Remember the "erroneous" GSK press release that said the company was offering a 50 percent discount on meds for U.S. patients who are uninsured "no matter a patient's income level or whether he or she qualifies for public programs"? Well, GSK, a British company, retracted that promise and blamed "vendor error"(see here).

Pfizer, an American company, seizing a PR opportunity seldom seen in the annals of the drug industry, picked up the mantle and announced today that it will launch an innovative program (MAINTAIN) to help eligible unemployed Americans and their families who have lost their health insurance maintain access to their Pfizer medicines for free (see "Pfizer Launches Free Medicines Program For Newly Unemployed Americans").

Even more astonishing, Pfizer says the idea came from its employees! Employees proposed the idea of MAINTAIN to the company’s senior leadership team just within the last month, said the Pfizer press release. Pfizer employees also asked to be able to do their part by donating their own money to the program, and the Pfizer Foundation will match their donations.

Way to step up and help your fellow Americans Pfizer employees!

Imagine all the other great ideas drug company employees may have that are not heard! That's why I have always said that drug companies should get their employees to contribute to a blog and tell the world their hopes, dreams, and ambitions so that we can see the human face behind the company!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Pfantastic Pfizer at last!
    1) Pfantastic PfR
    2) Immediate assistance (unlike the "help" we're getting in 2010 or is it 2011 on credit cards)
    3) Stops patients price hunting, going generic, OTC switching if poss
    4) And when they get their jobs back...etc
    What a coup!


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