Friday, June 20, 2008

Take alli - I dare you!

Much has been said about alli's "treatment effect" -- ie, anal leakage and brown pants. Although Wall Street analysts don't attribute alli's lackluster sales to this problem, many bloggers and other critics do.

Insider -- the blogger over at PharmaGossip -- had this to say in a comment to yesterday's post:

"It's hard to gild a turd!"

[Perhaps "Gee Dubya's TURD POLISH" shown on left may help? Kudos to theBlatantTruth for this image.]

"No big deal" is what I hear from the folks at alliConnect Blog. Just bring brown pants with you if you go out. That statement from the FORMER Vice President of Weight Control for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, although Web 2.0 compliant, may have cost him his job.

The alli Dare!
I am a believer in first-hand experience -- especially if I am to criticize something. Therefore, I am taking the "alli Dare"SM. I will go out and spend good money on an alli starter kit and see if I need those brown pants. I dare any other alli critic to do the same!

However, I will wait until I return from my 4-day trip to London -- better to be safe than sorry!


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I did try it, against my doctor's advice. Didn't have any treatment effects, but suffered from stomach cramps that made me stop.

  2. The decision to take this OTC was a huge mistake. Do people want to lose weight? Of course they do but who has the time in today's hectic schedule to deal with the possible side effects of cramps, or discharges? Can you imagine someone traveling and getting an attack that requires them to find the nearest toilet in a hurry? Even people on a diet cant chose ALL their meals and once in awhile have to eat what is available not what they want. Who wants to suffer those consequences? This product is a loser and will never become a success in the market but this is what happens when marketing people don't listen to common sense marketing


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