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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's Your Pharma Blogger Dream Team?

Bloggers operating in the Pharma BlogosphereTM are now sought after as speakers and panelists at industry meetings. Last week, I and several other bloggers participated in a couple of different conferences. In one case, the conference organizers kept the identity of panel members a closely-guarded secret (see "Mystery Blog Panel Revealed").

I have a dream -- to put together a "dream" panel of pharma bloggers based on your input.

Please help me out.

Select your dream members by taking the following poll. You will be able to see the results after you vote. If I left someone off the list, please add that name to the comments to this post.


Select the Members of YOUR "Dream" Pharma Blogger Panel
Mack/Pharma Marketing Blog
Myer/World of DTC Marketing
Giles/Pharma Giles
Shanley/On Pharma
Hensley et al/WSJ Health Blog
Carlat/The Carlat Pschiatry Blog
Lowe/In the Pipeline
Monseau/JNJ Blog
Pitts/Drug Wonks
Someone Else/Not Listed


  1. forgive me my "you forgot Poland" moment, but may i humbly suggest my colleagues at IN VIVO Blog? i won't be offended that you left us off the list.


    (oh and it's Hensley, not Hennessy, at WSJHB)

  2. Sorry, Chris, I ran out of room for choices. But IN VIVO should definitely have been on the list. I would vote for you!


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