Thursday, June 01, 2017

Pharma's Reputation Depends on Who You Ask

Depending on who you ask, the drug industry's reputation is at an all-time low (read, for example, "Pharma’s Rep Among Patient Groups Sinks to Near Historical Lows") or an all-time high!

For example, if you determine the reputation of a pharma company measured by "the general public who are somewhat or very familiar with the company," then that company's reputation is likely to score much higher than if you asked the general public whose "familiarity" with the company is not a factor.

According to Reputation Institute's annual Global Pharma RepTrak®, which uses the former protocol, the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry is "improving and is now at a strong level with the general public (see the story embedded at the end of this post by clicking on "Read more >>"). I emphasized "general public" because this is misleading - further on in the press release you can see that what they measured are the attitudes of only a segment of the general public - those who are familiar with the companies.

In any case, here's the ranking of the top 10 companies according to Reputation Institute:

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