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Friday, April 22, 2011

Republicans Favor Government Health Care Coverage When It Benefits Them; Ie, When They Get Old!

Results from the latest New York Times/CBS News poll conducted April 15-20 with 1,224 adults nationwide indicate that only 25% of Republicans think providing health care coverage to the poor is the responsibility of the federal government, whereas TWICE as many (55%) believe the federal government should provide health care coverage to the elderly. Meanwhile, 73% of Democrats, favor federal health care coverage for the poor. If only there was an American Association of Poor People (AAPP)!


  1. The graph which is provided here is determining whole o the useful information. And from this anyone can be easily interpret form this content. Therefore no doubt the health coverage must be given to the poor persons.

  2. Republicans have supported, and will continue to support, important scientific research without undermining the fundamental ethical principles that have guided medical research in this country for decades.

  3. The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit is designed to encourage small businesses to offer health insurance coverage for their employees.

  4. That's a good insight into the mentality of the Republican congress. I wonder how this whole debt ceiling thing will play out.


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