Friday, February 11, 2011

Is It Time for Abrams to Leave?

There were rumors at the recent ePharma Summit that DDMAC would come out with social media guidelines sometime in the next few months -- maybe by April, 2011. The crowd who gathered the following day in the great hall was at first jubilant in anticipation of the speech by Thomas Abrams, Head of DDMAC since 2000.

The crowd's mood changed dramatically, however, when Abrams did NOT mention any specific date during his presentation. Instead, he stated his allegiance to FDA's "Good Guidance Practices," which govern the orderly process of issuing guidance.

It seems that Abrams will remain as head of the hated DDMAC regime for some time to come. But his promises may no longer be enough to stem the growing frustration of the crowd.

P.S. I urge all my readers to support the demands of the Egyptian people for democracy and the ouster of the dictator Mubarak! You can get the best coverage of events by watching the live streaming video with commentary via Aljazeera English here.


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Perhaps this has already been answered, but could you please explain why exactly you're so desperate for the FDA to make these social media guidelines? From what I understand, you're don't work for the pharma industry, you're not a paid consultant of the pharma industry, the only thing I can see is that you write this blog/newsletter. I'm having a hard time gauging what your stake in this movement is exactly.

    Much appreciated,

    - A curious reader

  2. Please read what Abrams has said -- it's a DIRECT QUOTE -- he heard what PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE have said; ie, THEY want SM guidance. I am a reporter, a publisher, but also a person with a voice through which my readers' opinions can be heard. That is the role I am playing hear.

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM

    What kind of answer you're expecting to hear?

  4. A sign that things have changed at the FDA -- that it's not "your father's FDA." If Abrams leaves, then that message may be heard.

  5. Anonymous10:35 AM

    I guess that makes sense. It just seemed to me that you had an ulterior motive in all of this. So your readers, which include marketing executives and those in the pharma industry, are the main driver for your postings? The guidelines would theoretically increase their business, right? Guidelines in social media would allow a new brand of marketing to emerge from the industry, right?

  6. My motive is to get people inside the industry to do their job in a more compliant and ethical manner. I am not against the pharma industry making more money if they truly are delivering value. Of course, that's a issue that is hotly debated. I hope that by posting ideas and criticisms that I help facilitate the debate rather than keeping the issues under wraps.

  7. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Fair enough, Senor Mack. I'm glad we hashed this out.

  8. Thanks for your input and allowing me to express my mission.

  9. Egypt is...


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