Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How DO You Pronounce "Boehringer Ingelheim"?

Yesterday, while at ExL's 6th Annual Public Relations & Communications Summit, I discovered that I was NOT the only person who had difficulty pronouncing "Boehringer Ingelheim," the name of a well-known, but difficult to pronounce German pharmaceutical company. At a roundtable discussion (see here), Kate O'Connor, Executive Director, Public Relations at Boehringer Ingelheim, corrected someone else who mispronounced her company's name. She then told us that she heard of a funny YouTube video that can help us with "Boehringer Ingelheim Pronunciation." Here it is (pretty funny):

Here's a little rebus/word pictogram that may help English-speaking readers better pronounce "Boehringer." Close enough, anyway. You're on your own with "Ingelheim," which seems easier to pronounce anyway.


  1. thanks for sharing.. this is priceless

  2. Danke! As a German I have been correcting people here in the office - this will make life much easier : )

  3. Great video, very funny (I am German - and for me it´s very easy to pronounce Boehringer Ingelheim ;-) )

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Easy...BORING or BI

  5. Anonymous12:03 PM

    In spanish that would be:
    "Beringuer Ingeljaim"

    It would be very easy to pronounce for every spanish speaker because spanish has strict pronunciation rules unlike english and other germanic languages.
    That phrase has one and only one way of pronunciation in spanish.


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