Thursday, March 12, 2009

CNBC Sucks!

Sorry for this off-topic post, but you simply got to see this:

If it weren't for all the DTC ads shown on the NBC Nightly News, I would switch to Katie Curic over at CBS.


  1. This is terrible journalism on the part of Jon Stewart. The clips are cherry picked to make CNBC look bad based on a very tiny percent of their reporting.

    Especially unfair to Rick Santelli, who railed against all bailouts, including the bailouts for Wall St.!!! Jim Cramer is an easy target, but he was the first and most outspoken on the whole credit far back as Aug. 2007!!!!!

    I am in no way related to CNBC or any of the commentators, but in this case Jon Stewart, not CNBC, sucks!

  2. Yes, but it's great FAKE journalism! And much better ENTERTAINING than CNBC.

  3. MORE entertaining that is!

  4. "In Cramer we Trust" .. If this is not arrogant and mis-representative journalism, then I don't know what is.. I actually liked the bit done by Jon Stewart.


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