Thursday, January 08, 2009

Emerging Search Engine Technology Drives Digital Integration

Search engine technology is rapidly advancing and your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy can no longer be focused solely on driving people to a Web site, according to two experts I just interviewed in a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast.

The experts are:
  • Laura Pfister, VP, Interactive Media & SEM, IGNITE HEALTH
  • Buddy Scalera, VP, Interactive Media, QI INTERACTIVE, A COMMONHEALTH COMPANY
Both will be speaking at ExL Pharma's upcoming 3rd Pharmaceutical Search Engine Marketing Strategies Conference that will be held on February 24 - 25, 2009 in Princeton, NJ. Pharma Marketing News is a Media Partner for this event and I plan to be there.
Before you register for this conference, listen to the podcast to receive a code that entitles you to a 15% discount! The link to the podcast can be found at the end of this post.
According to Laura and Buddy, search is evolving to integrate more social networking (ie, consumer-generated content), video, and enhanced media into the results. The future of search engine pharma marketing is to develop and integrate digital assets such as video and maybe even blogs and other social media into the marketing mix. Johnson & Johnson, for example, is doing that with its innovative YouTube channel and ADHD Moms Facebook page (see "J&J, Debbie Phelps, You, Me, Facebook: Is This Social Networking?").

Regardless of whether you believe what J&J is doing is social marketing or not, clearly their strategy is to develop a multichannel digital presence for their corporate brand.

The same should be done, however, for drug brands.

When fewer than 13% of consumers visit drug brand websites, it makes sense to develop these other assets that come up as the result of search. That gives consumers and healthcare professionals looking for health-related videos and blogs the opportunity to see your message in other areas of the web than just the product website. Pfister and Scalera point out that even if they are not looking for video, searchers are attracted to the Youtube video window that is now often part of every search result page. If that's not the brand's YouTube page, it may a Church of Scientology page!

Anyway, the conversation was very informative and I invite you to listen to the 30-minute podcast located here.

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