Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top Hat And Alli Tales

Last week, in my post "I'm Puttin' on the Ritz Tonight!" over at Pharma BlogosphereTM, I challenged -- well, not exactly challenged; more like offered a prize to -- any pharma blogger to rewrite the lyrics to "Puttin' On the Ritz" to be more relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Giles was up to the challenge and wrote this for me (see his post, "Top Hat and Tails..."):

"I have no idea if John Mack is an Alli user, but if he is, then this is for him...

Top Hat And Alli Tales

Have you seen the overweight
Wobbling up the Broadwalk, mate?
On that famous thoroughfare
Brown stains in their underwear
“Treatment effects” and “oily spotting”
Incontinence pads and buttocks popping
Taking Alli every day
Losing weight the Glaxo way

If you're fat and you don’t mind
where you have to go and you don’t care if Alli, its
Giving you the shitz
Different types who wear a dark coat pants with stains and spots
cos nothing fits
giving you the shitz

Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper
Tryin' hard to hide what’s from your pooper (super duper)
Come let's take a weight loss aid
if of diarrhoea you’re unafraid
Glaxo admits
Alli’s giving you the shitz

(toilet break)

Dressed up like a baby in a diaper
Getting through the packs of hygiene wipers (toilet vipers)
If you're somewhat oversize then try some diet and exercise
so you don't you go where Alli fits
Giving you the shitz

Thank you, Giles! And, no, I am not an Alli user, but am thinking of trying it just so that I can report my first-hand experience with "treatment effects."

What prompted all this was the MM&M black tie awards ceremony that I attended in NYC last week. For more on this gala event, see "MM&M Award Winners Announced at Gala NY Event!".

I've been to two awards ceremonies and, so far, MM&M's the best. I give it a Gold Award in these categories:

Best Venue -- Tavern on the Green (although you had to walk past horse carriages and the smell of ran"street apples" to get inside. Not too appetizing!)

Best Audio-Visual System -- the sound was great and the MM&M logo was projected everywhere!

I Propose an Editor-in-Chief Roundtable!
I ran into James yesterday in Philadelphia at Pharmaceutical Executive's Marketing & Sales Summit. Think of it -- 3 editors-in-Chief in the same room (Patrick Clinton, Editor-in-Chief of Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine).

Chase was taking furious notes. Maybe MM&M is interested in starting up their own conference division.

Anyway, seeing Patrick and James together in the same room -- albeit not smoozing it up with one another -- gave me an idea: let's get all the industry's trade publications' editors-in-chief to participate in an online roundtable discussion!

The topic could be: How Relevant are Trade Publications in the Web 2.0 Era?

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  1. Your ditty on Alli is very interesting - it has left an indelible stain in my mind (no pun intended). I have one more thought to have fun:

    Will Exubera make a comeback?

    It is very unusual of Pfizer to suffer such a setback. Perhaps it could have done better on the front of brand engagement and persuasive clinical documentation. It is too na├»ve to think that Pfizer will let go off a powerful concept such as inhaled insulin (with its abundant market potential and first mover advantage). Pfizer has a history of being an aggressive marketing tiger in the Pharma market. One cannot forget how piroxicam was a dud molecule when launched by Indian companies in the Indian market. Pfizer’s Dolonex (piroxicam) however, created history by being a blockbuster Pharma brand in the Indian market. Exubera will make a comeback – this is my gut feeling. The withdrawal was only strategic. A new avatar of Exubera may be back in action.

    I am imagining a strategy session at Pfizer (please note this is strictly hypothetical - but possible?!):

    Person 1: Hey! The offtake of Exubera is lacklustre. It needs to be rebooted, we need a buzz.

    Person 2: Let us try attitude change through dissonance. Let us announce Exubera withdrawal and watch for market reactions. After all doctors too want new drugs that are safe, efficacious, and convenient. So we can actually engage the target audience to reconsider Exubera with this announcement - isn't it?

    Person 1: May be we should try it. After all the worst case scenario is that the sales will not go up and if sales continue the way it is going on now, we anyway have to withdraw Exubera.

    Person 2: Right, let us try attitude change through dissonance! Let us announce withdrawal of Exubera.

    Person 1: If this strategy of attitude change through dissonance does not work, we can relaunch Exubera after some more clinical studies, and innovative design.

    Person 2: Right let us do it!!

    More at www.pharmaceuticalshealthcare.blogspot.com


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