Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cramer-Krasselt Sucks

Sucks up the Bissell Homecare account, that is. You know...Bissell the vacuum cleaner?

This account is worth $22 Million, according to AdAge (Cramer-Krasselt Picks Up Bissell's $22 Million Account).

You may know Cramer-Krasselt as the agency behind such campaigns as the notorious Rozerem Abe Lincoln/beaver duet (see "Takeda - Fire These Guys!").

That campaign is notorious because it has returned less money in sales than it cost Takeda to run! (See "Rozerem Ad Spending Exceeds Sales!") But -- and this is an important butt (as in butt of jokes inside the pharma industry) -- the ads have "cut through the clutter."

Guess what! Cutting through the clutter is very important for a vacuum cleaner company and that even extends to justification for hiring ad agencies:
"Cramer-Krasselt impressed us with bold ideas for our brand," said Ann Lamb, Bissell's director of communications. "They have a reputation for helping brands break through category clutter, so we're excited to explore new strategic marketing directions with them."
What a maroon!

Ann Lamb, meet Andy Hull, senior vice president of marketing at Takeda and a like-minded maroon!

P.S. Don't you think that for Bissell to survive the Swifter onslaught, that it needs to do a better job cutting through REAL clutter in homes rather than ad clutter in homeowners' minds?


  1. Very interesting, thank you.

  2. Anonymous7:48 PM

    what's a maroon? some sort of color coded moron?


  3. Yep. It's a Bugs Bunny quote.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Enjoyed the article! I always wondered who did those ads, especially since I hated them. I'm doing a SWOT on them as an assignment and wondered if you could provide any current opinion or information on their company? thank you, Laura


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