Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mr. Moore Don't Ignore: Please Invite Me to a Screening of Your Movie

Dear Mr. Moore:

I hear that your new documentary SICKO about the pharmaceutical-health-insurance-industry complex is set to debut in Cannes, France (see "SiCKO Debuts At Cannes On Saturday").

I would very much like to see this movie, but I cannot afford to go to Cannes. Also, I sent in my passport for renewal and won't get it back in weeks!

Anyhoo! I really think you should invite us bloggers to a special screening of your movie. After all, Centocor -- part of the J&J pharmaceutical family -- was nice enough to invite me to a special screening of THEIR movie "Innerstate" (see "Innerstate Private Screening: Philadelphia Style"). As a result, I've treated them really nicely and wrote an article praising the movie in my newsletter (see "Innerstate: The First Disease Awareness Documentary Film"), etc.

I can do the same for you! I am already a fan of yours.

If you don't invite me, I'll have no recourse but to compare your slight to bloggers with Centocor's (a J&J company) open invitation. Imagine the headlines: "Moore Ignores Bloggers" and the crux of the story: "While J&J, one of America's biggest pharmaceutical companies, embraces bloggers, Michael Moore, self-proclaimed champion of the common man, ignores this influential group of industry critics."

You can avoid all that bad press by inviting me -- an industry "critic" who's really on your side (I think; I'll reserve judgment until I see the movie) -- to a private screening.

But, please, make it easy for me. I could come to your place in New York or maybe you can find some neutral place to do the screening (not Philadelphia, please). You can even invite my blogger buddies -- I'll be glad to recommend who to invite.

Of course, you should have food there -- hire one of those firms that cater lunches for the stars while on set. BTW, that would beat what Centocor offered, which was bottled water!

I look forward to your response. Call me any time at 215-504-4164 or e-mail me at


John Mack


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM


    I know Mike's chiropractor. Maybe you could hang out in front in a baseball cap and wait for your target. With his girth I am sure he makes frequent visits.

    Yours as always, Annie Nommus.

  2. Ha, ha! I would take you up on that offer, except I'm not sure I want to be the recipient of that protected health information!

    But, if you know the doc's email address, maybe you can send him/her a heads up. Who knows! It might work.

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Got it prior to Hipaa. Does that make it okay? Anyway, maybe your back could use some work too.

    Yours, Enno Nimus

  4. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Ah yes, ask for lunch just after you blog concerning free lunches. You obviously can be bought and influenced by a ten dollar lunch.

  5. Puh-leez! Some people cannot recognize sarcasm if it bit them in the ass!

  6. Anonymous8:39 PM


    Here's your chance to dialog with Michael Moore!!!


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