Friday, February 09, 2007

Prozac for Over Anxious Doggie Syndrome

We have a 13+year old chow/australian shep. mix that is holding up pretty well except for some arthritis which is being controlled with Glucosamine and Aspirin. The problem is that she sometimes is extremely restless and acts anxious, suddenly getting up and hurrying off, only to come back in and wander around as if searching for something. She will go to a rug or dog bed and start digging at it, pulling it towards her. Sometimes moving it all around the room, leaving herself out of breath. Sometimes she just digs at a spot in the carpet or a pile of papers on the floor. It sometimes goes on for several days with her walking around the house all night,approaching the bed panting. Nothing seems to help her relax. She seems to have a normal appetite, but she is losing weight slowly from all the activity. Anyone out there have any experience with similar symptoms? Thanks. CG
Dear CG --

It sounds like your pooch may be suffering from Over Anxious Doggie Syndrome (OADS). But there's good news! America's pharmaceutical industry has developed an innovative new drug for OADS! Actually, it's an old drug approved for a new indication.

According to a Bloomberg Health and Science report, "A variation of Eli Lilly & Co.'s depression pill Prozac can now be used to help dogs cope with the anxiety of being separated from their owners. The product, to be sold under the name Reconcile, is designed to help quell panic attacks and bad behavior that separation anxiety can cause. The chewable drug should be used in conjunction with a behavior modification plan, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said today in a notice posted on the agency's Web site."

While your mutt may not fit the exact indication for which Lilly's new drug has been approved, we all know that Vets can prescribe it as they see fit.

According to the prescribing information "Dogs on the drug should also receive behavior counseling, such as rewards for good behavior and training to be content alone."

Forget about such life style changes! Who's got time for that! Certainly not your 13 yo mutt! She's practically a goner anyway. So don't worry about side effects either!

Lassie, the official spokesdog for Reconcile, often goes into a funk when she can't convey the message to humans that Timmy's down the well again. "Arf, arf, arf, arf arrrrrf!" says Lassie, which translated means "Over Anxious Doggie Syndrome is a real medical condition that affects over 50% of dogs in the US."

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  1. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Oho! poor thing... I think she needs some real good rest n a good vet to take care of her


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