Sunday, February 04, 2007

First Ever Pharma Blogosphere Survey!

The Pharma Blogosphere blog is currently hosting its first ever survey of reader and blogger opinions of blogs in the pharma blogosphere. I want your opinion too. So please take about 3-4 minutes answering this survey.

Everyone completing the survey may order a free copy (pdf file) of one of the following Pharma Marketing News Special Supplements:
Good deal, eh?

I am also interested in bloggers' opinions about their fellow bloggers! So, fellow bloggers, don't be shy! Take the survey and enter your blog name where indicated.

Questions include:
  • Which pharma-focused blogs do you read and how often?
  • What are the benefits to you of reading these blogs?
  • Rate the blogs you have read according to readability, credibility, and usefulness.
  • How supportive or critical of the pharmaceutical industry are the blogs that your have read?
All personally-identifiable answers will be kept confidential.

That is, I do not reveal how any identifiable person voted unless I am given permission to do so. For example, you might be interested in my personal opinions or perhaps how the Insider at PharmaGossip voted. Of course, you will get my opinion in spades as time goes on. Just take a look at my review of Drug Wonks (see "Drug Wonks Are PR Wonks"). But, if you want Insider's or another blogger's opinion, I will have to ask their permission first.

Regardless, aggregated results will be reported here when the survey is closed. In that summary, I will segment out the opinions based on the category of respondent. F0r example, I can compare how pharma people voted versus everyone else. I can also see how pharmabloggers in aggregate voted compared to everyone else.

Even at this early stage, the results look very interesting. Hope you will help and take the survey now!

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