Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Preview of September Issue of Pharma Marketing News

The following articles are planned for the next issue of Pharma Marketing News, which is scheduled to be published on 25 September 2007. Subscribe now to receive it free by email.
  • Web 2.0 Tricks: All is Revealed! FDA Will Never Be the Wiser!
    Pharmaceutical marketers are having a field day pushing the envelope on the Internet and especially in the social networking, Web 2.0 arena -- the new WILD, WILD WEST of the Internet. Secrets of the perfect execution of the following tricks are revealed:
    1. Google "BAdwords"
    2. Posing as a Consumer on Social Networks
    3. Wikipedia Sleight-of-Hand Edit
    4. YouTube "Consumer-Generated" Video
  • Surviving the Election Wars Use DTC and Your Employees to Your Advantage
    Advertising by political candidates has been growing. Total political ad expenditures in 2006 exceeded $2.5 billion. This year, with campaigns starting much earlier than usual, there already is significant ad spending in the political arena. Although many issues relating to the pharmaceutical industry in Congress have been essentially tabled for now, they never go away. If, for example, a Democrat is elected as president in 2008, the threat of veto may disappear and Congress will again push for things like a direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising moratorium. Given this outlook, the pharmaceutical industry must take a pro-active stance if it is to counter all the negative publicity the 2008 campaign will generate. With the billions of dollars that the industry spends on DTC advertising, there is an opportunity to use DTC to focus more on humanitarian goals of the industry.
  • Measuring Consumer Sentiment About Prescription Drugs: Data Mining and Scoring Consumer-Generated Content About Pharmaceutical Brands
    If the chatter and buzz of marketing vendors at industry conferences is any gauge, pharmaceutical companies are excited about consumer-generated content (CGC) (sometimes called user-generated content, or UGC), now being touted as the Internet’s next "new thing". At a recent Pharma Marketing Talk podcast, John Mack spoke with Mark DePaoli, life sciences analyst at BrandIntel, an online information service, about mining CGC to evaluate consumer sentiment about pharmaceuticals. This article summarizes that discussion and presents a case study analysis comparing consumer sentiment of Botox vs. Restalyne.
  • CME Laundromat or ACCME Cleaning House?: A New Focus on Industry Support of CME
    In a recent New York Times Op-Ed piece, Daniel Carlat, a professor at Tufts Medical School and editor in chief of The Carlat Psychiatry Report, characterizes pharma-sponsored Continuing Medical education (CME) as "a new twist on that well-known instrument of corruption, money laundering." Congress continues to examine pharma industry support of CME and ACCME has issued some new guidance for accredited CME providers. This article examines the current state of industry support for CME and what reforms may be coming down the pike.

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